Enzyme Peels

What Is an Enzyme Peel?

The search term "peel enzyme" demonstrates how important it is to gain knowledge about. An enzyme peel, like any other "peel," is a facial treatment that removes dead skin cells from your skin, resulting in glowing, more beautiful skin.

"The enzymes used in enzyme peels come from fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, papaya, and pumpkin,” says Dr. Hadley King, a New York City–based dermatologist. “These proteolytic enzymes help to break down proteins—including keratin proteins in the outer layer of the skin. This helps dead skin cells slough off, leaving the skin smoother and softer, with decreased discolorations.”

Besides leaving skin softer and smoother, there are tons of other reasons to seek out “Enzyme Peels”.


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enzymes facial peels


There are 5 Noticeable Benefits for Enzyme Skin Peel

How and Why The Enzyme Peels are Effective

Enzyme peels, which are gaining popularity in the world of skincare, are a safer, less expensive alternative to chemical peels. The natural ingredients in "enzyme peel for face" speed up the chemical reactions required to remove dead skin and promote the growth of younger, softer skin. Today, we're going to highlight five of the many advantages of using an enzyme skin peel!

1. Immediately visible results – Enzyme peels are gentle but extremely effective at removing dead skin. Skin that is supple and glowing is immediately visible. Even better, there is no downtime following an enzyme peel, so it can be incorporated into your regular skincare routine.

2. Better absorption of product – Exfoliated skin is smoother and softer in composition, allowing for better absorption of cleansers and masques as well as better coverage with liquid and powder makeup

3. Reduced acne inflammation – Skin that is prone to acne can greatly benefit from enzyme peels, as the gentle exfoliation works to minimize the appearance of scars and can help to smooth skin and stimulate the healing of blemishes.

4. Drastically improved texture and tone – The exfoliation properties in the enzymes used in an enzyme peel help to remove dead cells and loosen up dull skin to reveal smoother, more youthful skin below.

5. No damage to live tissue – In contrast to chemical peels, which can harm living skin cells and cause inflammation, enzyme peels only target dead cells on the skin's outermost layer. As a result, enzyme peels are beneficial to almost all skin types.


The Difference Between Enzyme Peel and Chemical Peel

Which Type of Peel Should I Try or Use?

When selecting a peel, as with any skincare product or treatment, you should always consider your specific skin type. This will help to ensure that the treatment achieves the desired results while causing no skin damage.

A chemical peel might be the right choice if…

  • You don’t have sensitive skin
  • You have oily or acne-prone skin
  • You’re looking for more drastic, long-lasting results
  • You’re willing to start slow and gradually work your way up to a higher strength peel
  • You can deal with 1-2 weeks of redness and skin peeling
  • You’re confident applying an at-home treatment or have a trusted professional you can visit

An enzyme peel might be the right choice if…

  • You have sensitive or dry skin
  • You prefer natural skincare products
  • You’re hesitant to try a chemical peel and are looking for a more gentle alternative
  • You’re looking for a treatment you can apply at home
  • You prefer a quicker recovery process after the peel
  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding (chemical peels should generally be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women)


How to Prepare for an Enzyme Peel

You don't have to worry about "prepping" your complexion too much because enzymes are generally safe and gentle on the skin. However, it may be a good idea to avoid wearing makeup for a few days prior to your enzyme peel in order to keep your pores as clean and "unclogged" as possible. You should also avoid using tanning beds and getting sunburned. Also, make sure there are no open wounds on your face that could be irritated and inflamed by an enzyme peel.


How Often Should I Do an Enzyme Peel?

A professional chemical peel: Enzyme peels can be done once a month throughout the year, but acid peels should be done in a series once a year. 3-6 peels, 3-4 weeks apart, or 2 weeks apart when treating acne. Then take a break. You don't want to over exfoliate because this can harm your skin. We recommend a series rather than a single strong peel because we take a progressive rather than an aggressive approach. Being overly aggressive can do more harm than good. We want to see tangible results over time. That aging and pigmentation took a long time to develop, and it will not be resolved in a single peel.


How Can I Get The Best Enzyme Peel Results?

Consistency is essential. We don't want you to come in for a peel series in the fall and then not see us again until the following year. You wouldn't believe how many clients come in and get one peel per year and then wonder why their skin isn't perfect. Facials and home care are required once a month for skin success.



Because enzyme peels work without damaging or irritating your skin, there is little to no downtime or recovery time required. You'll most likely only feel mild tingling and possibly slight redness, so you can go straight from your esthetician's office to work. (These are the advantages of using all-natural ingredients such as pumpkins and pineapples.)


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