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The Sculpture of Eyebrow, Wanted Lamination Aftercare with Day Spa

Brow lamination is one of the majority intense eyebrow treatments out there right now. It's no wonder that brow lovers can't get enough of the results since it manipulates brow hairs into the ideal position. However, to sustain laminated brows you need - which is wanted level right now because of observing this article - to ensure that you’re following the correct aftercare. Our catchy easy-to-follow brow lamination aftercare points will confirm that you get the very best results, every time.


How to look after brow lamination in the first 24/48 hours after treatment

Mediterranean-Beauty Day Spa recommendations:

As part of your eyebrow lamination aftercare, it is crucial that you:

  • Avoid getting the brow area wet for 24 hours
  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for the next 48 hours.
  • The treated area should not be rubbed or touched for 24 hours

We also recommend that you follow these guidelines in the run up to and the days after your Brow Tinting or Lamination Treatment at Columbus Ohio Spa with Certified Organic Products:

  • During the next three days following your treatment, avoid exfoliating (whether AHA, BHA, or scrubs) and anti-ageing skincare products around the eyebrow area.
  • Should not do topical use of fake tanning products (including gradual tan) on the face for three days either side of your treatment, as it can discolour the eyebrow tint (unless you’re after khaki coloured brows)
  • Your stylist will apply some make up at the end of your treatment, however you should avoid applying any further heavy make up (foundations, etc) on the area around the brow for 24 hours

How do I keep my brows in shape after brow lamination with proven high rate result Natural products of Worthington Beauty Salon?

Eyebrow laminate does not permanently put your hair in the desired and brushed position. It breaks down the bonds in your hair so that you can easily manage them into the look you want. You'll only need to brush them back into place with a spoolie brush in the morning to restore their fluffy appearance – no product required. These results will last for 6-8 weeks.

To really enhance laminated brows and maintain that freshly laminated look right up to your next appointment, an ultra-strong eyebrow gel is a must have.

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Can I get my laminated brows wet?

You will have to keep away from getting your brows wet for the first 24 hours after your treatment. Coming into contact with water may interfere with the lamination procedure and affect the longevity of your remedy. Avoid swimming pools and baths for 24 hours and be extra careful in the shower and when washing your face (avoiding if possible).

Can I wear makeup after brow lamination?

Your stylist will apply some make up to complete your Glow Desired Design Brow treatment in Mediterranean Way. After that, we recommend that you avoid applying any heavy make up around the brow (such as foundation or concealer) for 24 hours after. The hair follicles can remain open for a while after hair removal, so if you are prone to sensitivity or breakouts, you may find that heavy make up could clog the pores.

Can I go on a sunbed after brow lamination?

After hair removal, the skin can become sensitive and prone to irritation. For this reason, you should avoid sunbeds for at least 48 hours after your brow lamination treatment.


How can I remove brow lamination?

Brow lamination sometimes is a chemical process, similar to a lash lift or hair perm, so is not something that can be removed. You can, however, brush the hairs back down with a spoolie brush if you don't like the way they look in the brushed up position. The results will fade after 6-8 weeks and your brows will return to their natural growth pattern.


What do you put on eyebrows after lamination?

To maintain healthy, hydrated eyebrow hair, it is strongly recommended that you apply a conditioning serum twice daily after brow lamination. You wouldn’t undergo a chemical treatment on your hair without conditioning and caring for it, and your brows should be no different. The Mediterranean-Beauty recommended Organic Tint Serum is ideal as it not only strengthens and conditions the hairs, but also prolongs the wear of your eyebrow tint.

Take your skincare to the next level and correct, prevent, and illuminate with our Brightening Lift Methods of facial cleansing that will help bring out your best complexion yet at Mediterranean-Beauty Day Spa Worthington Ohio.

Trust us on making you shining and healthy in organic ways.

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