How Do I Get Rid of Unwanted Hair On My Face

Dermaplaning: The easiest way to remove unwanted facial hair

"How do I get rid of unwanted hair on my face?" most of us have wondered while looking in the mirror. Some women have more facial hair than others. You may have a thin layer of fine hairs that is only visible when you look closely or in direct sunlight. Some call it peach fuzz, but it has a scientific name: vellus hair. It's generally undetectable, transparent, and very fine, resembling baby hairs. The vellus hair does serve a purpose by regulating your body temperature, and wicks sweat away from your body, (What Is Vellus Hair?). However, with modern conveniences like air conditioning, removing vellus hair will not result in heat exhaustion, so it will not result in a medical emergency. It is important to note that excess vellus hair could indicate an underlying medical issue. Be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner if you are concerned.


Need Unwanted Facial Hair Removal?-Mediterranean Beauty
Need Unwanted Facial Hair Removal?


Should you remove unwanted facial hair?

If you're concerned about the unwanted facial hair, you can have it professionally removed by a beauty therapist. Dermaplaning Columbus Ohio is a tried-and-true technique used in Mediterranean-Beauty spa. This is done by gently removing the ends of the vellus hair with a dermaplaning blade while leaving the follicles intact.


How is using dermaplaning to remove unwanted hair different to shaving?

Dermaplaning is a technique for removing unwanted hair that should only be done by a professional, such as the team at Mediterranean-Beauty in Worthington. The dead skin cells will not be removed by using your Gillette Venus Smooth. It takes an expert consultation of your skin to determine if dermaplaning is the right hair removal method for you, as well as a steady hand to follow the contours of your skin precisely. When you book an appointment with a dermaplaning professional, your skin will have a smooth finish, tone, and texture that no home razor can match.

Using a supermarket brand razor to shave your face could result in hair growing back thicker and darker than before, depending on the type of hair and your skin. Despite what leading Tik Tok influencers say, Cosmedics Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Ross Perry, said in an interview with FEMAIL that he doesn't recommend shaving your face at home. It can grow back worse and what might have been considered mild facial hair can then grow back thicker. ‘Shaving your face can cause acne breakouts or skin reactions.’

You only need to take a look at Big Brother star Tilly Whitfield’s Instagram account to see what can go wrong when undertaking at-home beauty treatments.

Meanwhile he said dermaplaning, a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of skin, should always be ‘done by a professional’. For more information about the interview see: Should every woman shave her FACE? Experts reveal why trimming your hair is IN


Is dermaplaning the right hair removal method for me?

Dermaplaning may not be the right method of hair removal for you. When you call for consultation and book in at Mediterranean Beauty, we will analyze the type of hair and condition of your skin to determine if you are a suitable candidate. For example; if you are experiencing an acne breakout or cold sores, dermaplaning may spread the bacteria to other areas of your face (Yet, another reason, you shouldn’t try DIY dermaplaning at home!). However, there are other ways to remove unwanted hair that we can recommend. Other contraindications such as diabetes or certain medications may mean another hair removal method may be more suitable.


What are the benefits of using dermaplaning for removing unwanted hair?

Professional dermaplaning has numerous advantages. Aside from a smoother, even-looking skin tone, it also reduces pore size and skin pigmentation, and it aids in the absorption of skincare products, making them more effective. Dermaplaning has been shown to significantly reduce scarring in those who have severe acne scars.


Dermaplane is Beneficial-Mediterranean Beauty
Dermaplane is Beneficial


What to expect when visiting spa or clinic in Columbus Ohio for a dermaplaning appointment?

Your beauty aesthetician uses light as a feather stroke technique, and you may even find the process relaxing rather than feeling uncomfortable or hurting. When combined with a deep cleanse prior to the treatment, you'll feel as if you're in a peaceful oasis as Neda Taghavi and her beauty day spa team work their magic.


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