Mediterranean Spa Inspired Beauty Tips

Mediterranean Spa Inspired Beauty Tips-Mediterranean Beauty
Mediterranean Spa Inspired Beauty Tips


Mediterranean Spa has some Great Mediterranean Inspired Beauty tips to share with you. Mediterranean point of view is core of much things like diet or beauty ways – that wonderful way of life espoused by the Greeks, Italians, and Spanish, among others. What is that makes them live so long, and look so good?


People are mostly interested in what Mediterranean people eat, whether it's olive oil, yogurt, honey, or the wide variety of plants that grow in that lush region of the world. Many of those same ingredients also work wonders on the outside of the body, which many people overlook. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial acids should make your stomach happy, but they should also make your skin happy.


There's no need to fly to get the gorgeous skin and hair that Mediterranean women are known for! Simply reach for the region's nutrient-dense ingredients (many of which can be found in your own kitchen!) and whip up the spa treatments that will have you looking stunning in no time.


With an orange spot treatment, you can get rid of discoloration.

Oranges, which are widely grown in Spain, contain vitamin C, which brightens the skin, and citric acid, which fades pigment. Combining it with exfoliating honey helps to remove discolored, dead skin cells, instantly brightening the complexion.


Try it: Mix 2 tsp. of orange juice and ½ Tbsp. of honey. Apply to areas with discoloration; let sit 15 minutes, then rinse.


Use a rosemary conditioner to promote hair growth.

The star ingredient in a variety of Mediterranean dishes is also a potent hair-growth stimulant. Its unique compounds improve scalp circulation, delivering growth-promoting blood and oxygen to follicles. Furthermore, the herb's antioxidants plump strands, making them appear fuller even faster.


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With an espresso mask, you can hide dimples.

Espresso is popular among Italian women because it contains diuretic caffeine, which helps to flush excess fluids and toxins that accentuate cellulite. When combined with moisturizing coconut oil, the skin is hydrated and plumped, making dimples less noticeable.


Try It: Combine 1 Tbs. of espresso grounds and ½ Tbs. of coconut oil. Massage onto cellulite and let sit 10 minutes; rinse.


A sea salt scrub will help to soften rough skin.

Sea salt from the Dead Sea is used by Israeli women to make their skin baby-soft. The salt's high vitamin and mineral content nourishes skin, while its fine granules slough off dead skin cells for a smoother appearance. When combined with avocado oil, moisture is locked in, helping to alleviate dry patches even more.


Try It: Combine 1½ Tbs. of sea salt and 1 Tbs. of avocado oil. Massage onto damp skin while showering for 1 minute; rinse.


An olive oil serum will smooth a crepey chest.

Women in all Mediterranean countries use olive oil as a beauty staple, and it's long been thought to be the key to keeping their skin looking youthful. What it does for you: The antioxidants in the oil help to repair damaged cells and increase collagen production, which helps to firm creased skin. Lemon oil (which is high in vitamin C and promotes collagen production) also helps to smooth out the chest.


Try It: Mix ½ Tbs. of olive oil and ½ Tbs. of lemon essential oil. Massage into the chest and let absorb.


Make Skin Baby-soft-Mediterranean Beauty
Make Skin Baby-soft


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