Top Tutorial for Summer Makeup and Beauty

Best of the Bests Tips for Summer Makeup and Beauty-Mediterranean Beauty
Best of the Bests Tips for Summer Makeup and Beauty


All Eyes on You


In the summer, the simplest way to achieve a fresh-faced look is with less eye makeup, so save the heavy eyeliner for the fall. A light shimmery cream shadow (from lash line to brow bone) creates a wash of color. Apply mascara to achieve stunning results.


Orange Lip Makeup-Mediterranean Beauty
Orange Lip Makeup


Orange Is the New Red!


Orange lips are popular this summer, but one color does not fit all. Instead of falling for your first orange crush, experiment with a few different shades to ensure the tone matches your skin tone. If you prefer something more subtle, try a tinted balm or lip stain.


Protect Your Pout-Mediterranean Beauty
Protect Your Pout


Protect Your Pout


Your lips require sun protection as well, so apply an SPF 30 product every morning. It may also aid in the prevention of cold sores, as UV rays from the sun can cause flare-ups. Glossy formulas make delicate skin more prone to sunburn, so save it for hot summer nights.


Hot Hairstyles That Keep You Cool-Mediterranean Beauty
Hot Hairstyles That Keep You Cool


Hot Hairstyles That Keep You Cool


Keeping your hair off your neck is the best way to beat the heat. Summer hairstyles include ponytails, braids, ballerina buns, and topknots. If you need help keeping your hair in place, add grip, texture, and volume with dry shampoo or hair powder. A shorter, cropped 'do is a simpler option; pageboys and pixies are always stylish. Request a face-framing haircut from your stylist.


Defend Your Tresses-Mediterranean Beauty
Defend Your Tresses


Defend Your Tresses


UV rays, like skin, can cause hair damage. Too much sun dries it out and makes it brittle. You should also safeguard your scalp. Wear a hat or spray sunscreen onto your hair and work it into the roots.


Extra TLC for Healthy Hair


More moisture is needed to care for your summer hair. Once or twice a week, apply a mask to condition, repair, and strengthen your hair. Mix in a few drops of oil before applying to extremely dry, damaged, and brittle locks. Then, wrap hair in a warm, wet towel and place it in a plastic bag for 5-10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing.


Easy on the Eyes


UV rays from the sun can harm your eyes and vision. They can cause temporary sunburn-like damage, such as redness and tearing, or more serious long-term damage. Choose sunglasses that block at least 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays, as well as 75 percent to 90 percent of visible light.


Drink Up!


Drink plenty of water, especially in the summer heat, because healthy beauty comes from within. Hydrated skin appears more youthful because the extra liquid fills in fine lines and wrinkles.


Nail It!


Summer is all about neon colors, sparkles, and metallics for both fingers and toes, and the opaque white trend is still popular. Experiment with textured polishes on your hands and feet as well.


Forget-Me-Not Spots


When applying sunscreen, the most commonly overlooked areas are the ears, lips, neck, and hands. Don't just take your mug. Apply SPF 30 sunscreen or moisturizer with at least 7% zinc oxide to the tops of your feet as well.


Up Your Tame Game


Regular moisturizing will help you fight frizz and catch those flyaways. It strengthens and repairs the hair. Smooth strands with treatment oils before styling (or a few drops mixed into your conditioner). Apply a humidity-resistant hairspray to finish your look.


Ditch the Dryer


Taking the heat out of styling is an excellent way to keep cool (and keep hair healthy). Shorter hairstyles are simple to wash and wear. After washing your hair at night, twist longer locks into a bun or topknot for loose, beachy waves. Remove it in the morning, apply a shine or texturizing product, and you're ready to go. A slicked-back 'do is also a great summer go-to at any length.


Add to Your Arsenal


To help protect your skin this summer, incorporate a secret weapon into your routine. Products containing vitamin C or green tea can help your sunscreen work better and prevent sun damage. Even if you wear foundation, you should still wear broad-spectrum sunscreen underneath it because most women do not wear enough makeup to block those rays.


Treat Sunburn Correctly


Your skin becomes irritated when you get a sunburn. Calm down, please. To reduce redness and swelling, apply ice-cold towels for 15 minutes at a time. Ibuprofen should be taken as directed, along with hydrocortisone cream and frequent moisturizing. Aloe vera is soothing, but avoid products with added scents, which will aggravate the situation.


Fake It, Don’t Bake It


Use a granule-based face or body scrub before tanning for the best results. Avoid using oil-based products because they can leave streaks. If you're nervous or a beginner, use a formula that darkens your skin gradually over a few days. Include your ears when doing your face, and blend into your hairline and down your neck for the most natural look.


Be Sunscreen Savvy-Mediterranean Beauty
Be Sunscreen Savvy


Be Sunscreen Savvy


The most common error is not applying enough. To get the promised protection, you'll need 1 ounce (the size of a golf ball or shot glass shot) for each body part not covered by clothing, plus the same amount for your face. Apply it again every hour and a half. Also, give yourself some leeway: Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going outside.


Find Your Best Formula-Mediterranean Beauty
Find Your Best Formula


Find Your Best Formula


With so many sunscreen options, think about your skin type and what you'll be doing while wearing it. If you plan on being active, look for a water-resistant SPF 30. If you're worried about shine or greasy residue, try an oil-free or micronized zinc formula. It's easiest to use a spray, but rub it in to ensure it's evenly distributed.


Keep Summer Breakouts at Bay-Mediterranean Beauty
Keep Summer Breakouts at Bay


Keep Summer Breakouts at Bay


Summer heat can aggravate blemishes. To help keep it under control, wash your face twice daily (and after sweating). The sun does not clear up pimples, and many acne treatments can make your skin more prone to sunburn. If you have acne, look for sunscreens that are "oil-free," "non-comedogenic," "non-acnegenic," or "won't clog pores."


Ingrowns, Be Gone!-Mediterranean Beauty
Ingrowns, Be Gone!


Ingrowns, Be Gone!


Bathing suit season means more shaving, which increases the risk of ingrown hairs. Picking or squeezing them, on the other hand, can result in an infection. Instead, use cortisone cream to relieve the irritation and allow the wounds to heal on their own. Exfoliating on a regular basis helps to keep dead skin from clogging pores and trapping hairs inside. Shaving with a shaving gel and shaving in the direction of hair growth also helps to prevent ingrown hairs.


Plan Your Smooth Move-Mediterranean Beauty
Plan Your Smooth Move


Plan Your Smooth Move


Waxing will keep you smooth and fuzz-free for a few weeks or more, but don't go to the beach immediately after your appointment. Inflamed skin can change color when exposed to UV rays, so avoid the sun for at least 24 hours after waxing. If you must be outside, apply sunscreen to freshly waxed areas and seek shade.


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