Weather and Skin

What are The Weather Effects on Skin? What Should You Do About Them?

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Weather on Skin


How Weather Impacts your Skin or How Different Weather Affects Your Complexion

Changing your clothes to accommodate weather changes is common, but how often do you consider the changes you need to make to your skincare routine? When the temperature drops, you may reach for a scarf or a jacket, but do you also apply an extra layer of moisturizer? The climate of an area, whether cold and dry or hot and humid, can have a significant impact on the skin all over your body, causing everything from acne breakouts to itchy dry patches. Weather extremes, both hot and cold, can aggravate existing skin conditions or even cause new ones. Therefore, Weather and Skin is a skin friendly topic to attend. Being aware of how to deal with those climate issues can have a huge impact on your overall skin health.


The Hot Climate

Just as cold weather causes your skin to dry out, increased heat can cause its own set of problems. Increased heat and humidity in warmer climates can cause your skin to sweat, making you more prone to breakouts, especially if you have oily skin. Using a salicylic acid cleanser can help dry up some of the oil, but it can also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so use caution and only use these products at night [Check out here: Goins].

This is the best way to prevent issues like breakouts as a result of the weather. And if you do find yourself faced with a sunburn, then make sure to up the moisturizing so that you can help your skin’s health bounce back from being dried out from the UV rays.

Even as the weather changes, there are some routines that ought to stay consistent to help your skin stay healthy. Talk to your dermatologist about developing a skincare routine that makes sense for your skin.


The Cold Climate

You're ready to hit the slopes when it's a winter wonderland outside. To keep you warm, you've got thermal underwear, a knit hat and scarf, gloves, and even a nice thermos of cocoa. However, if you want to protect yourself from the elements, you've overlooked one important factor: your skin.

When its cold out, your skin is going to become dry. Colder climates can be tough on your skin. Cold temperatures often mean low humidity and it dries out the pores, causing your skin to become easily irritated and requiring you to use additional moisturizer to keep it feeling healthy. The dryness is actually why the cold weather causes your skin to become cracked, leading to uncomfortable itching and skin that is tough to the touch (This is what usually people feel throughout the winter).

To treat a mild case of dry skin at home, avoid taking long, hot showers, and apply a moisturizer daily. If your condition is severe, a doctor might be able to prescribe a medicated cream [Check out here: Mayo Clinic].

However, simply increasing your moisturizing routine in the winter isn't the best idea. Too much oil in the moisturizer can cause acne or other blemishes, and using a perfumed moisturizer can cause irritation. Consult your dermatologist about the best moisturizing practices for the health of your skin.

Whatever the season, prioritizing the health of your skin can help you stay comfortable and look great all year. Talk to your skin care specialist or visit reputable Dermatology centers in Ohio before making any changes to your skincare routine.


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