Do anti-ageing spa treatments work?

A good anti-aging facial or treatment can indeed give you an instant lift and glow for 24 hours or more. Some, such as CACI and machine-led facials, may last longer. More usefully in the long-term, your therapist will be able to give you tips and advice on what works for your skin and which areas need your attention.
How often should you have an anti-ageing facial?
As always, prevention is better than cure. If you start as early as possible, taking care of your skin, then you'll have a better chance of maintaining good skin throughout your life.
Obviously, a course of treatments will be more effective than a one-off treatment. Monthly facials are great, leave it to the experts, who'll repair any damage to your skin, and then get you into the rhythm of a maintenance facial.
If you are just getting a one-off facial, I'd recommend having a consultation and probably Microderm and Crystal Clear oxygen treatment. You need to get the surface layer of skin off to get the products in,those treatments are most effective and will give instant results that last for around a week.
What are the best home spa solutions to anti-ageing?
Body brushing and exfoliating help to maintain a healthy glow. Drink lots of water, too, to keep your skin hydrated.
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