Enzyme Peels

Mediterranean Beauty Spa performs Enzyme Peels exceptionally well, using fruit-derived active ingredients. This article explains Enzyme Peels and clients' FAQs in detail.

Worthington Spa

It is worth every second to visit the Worthington Spa in Ohio 43085, 43229, which is dedicated to ensuring that your personal beauty needs and desires are met.

No More Skin Irritants

Irritants and allergens are everywhere. Due to sensitive skin, you may get contact dermatitis more often. Learn all about skin irritants and defend yourself from them.

Blackheads Get Rid of Them

Blackheads are most common in hormonally active teenagers and young adults. Therefore, it's critical to understand prevention, removal, and their nature. Mediterranean Beauty Spa can assist you.

Hydrodermabrasion Facial

Would you have a soothing facial while achieving gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin practically instantly? Hydrodermabrasion facial can achieve this! Profit the best from it at Mediterranean Beauty Spa.

Facial Near Me

A good skin care routine and quality Facial Near Me services will assist you in shining. The blog clarifies these issues while also informing Mediterranean Beauty Spa's high organic methods.

Essential Oils Benefits

Essential Oils Benefits play a significant role as an enhancement in the spa relaxation massage or aromatherapy. Let’s talk about relaxing massage, rejuvenating facial, Oils and Benefits.

10 Most Common Teen Skin Conditions

Your teen may seem like another drama-filled teen moment if you find him or her obsessing over their skin in front of the mirror in their room. Thus, this is predictable that teens may be tempted to hide serious skin health issues out of embarrassment

Beauty Salon Rejuvenate Skin to Pure Beautiful Level

Your face is the part of your body that suffers the most from the elements. Your facial skin is the most visible part of you, so you should take good care of it so that you can prevent or slow down the signs of aging. Without the proper care, your face will be prone to acne, scarring, and dull buildup of dead skin.

Eye-grabbing Natural Hydrafacial I Tried Columbus Ohio

With a 99% satisfaction rate on Real Self, the HydraFacial is among today’s most popular and effective skin rejuvenation treatments – and for good reason. We at Mediterranean-Beauty Spa & Shop have delighted countless clients with Natural HydraFacials from our Columbus Worthington Ohio locations.

Care Day Spa Near Me - Why Investing in Self

With all the hustling and bustling of life, it's easy to get caught up in it. Because of work, family commitments, and other responsibilities, we don’t have much time to take care of ourselves anymore. But did you know that self-care is actually really beneficial?

Impressive Acne Facial Columbus Ohio

we walk together in order to examine these 7 mission critical elements that will help you fight acne. If you do all 7, your skin will likely experience relief from acne just like thousands of Mediterranean Beauty Organic Spa clients from around the world.

Body Wraps Near Me

A body wrap treatment incorporates a variety of elements to suit your personal needs, including detoxifying clays, herbal aromatherapy blends, nourishing oils, and exfoliation routines.

Facials Near Me

Getting a facial to determine the right way to treat your skin is the least necessary thing to do. Your skin is first analyzed by a licensed aesthetician so the treatments to follow are tailored to your skin specifically.

Dermaplaning Facial Near Me

Dermplein is a gentle treatment that exfoliates the surface of your skin, giving it a smoother, younger and more radiant appearance, tightens pores and smoothes out surface imperfections.

What Are The Different Types of Facials?

There are several types of facials for skin care that we will give you a brief explanation here. Our skilled Mediterranean-beauty team is well acquainted with a variety of facials and would like to share their knowledge with their clients.

Facial Massage Near Me, Luxury Spa Columbus Ohio

Our exceptional treatment menu makes use of the appropriate technology, most recent research, and powerful Natural Ingredients to ensure that you leave Mediterranean-Beauty Spa feeling Relaxed, Refreshed, and Glowing from Head to Toe. Additionally, the staff at The Spa is taking every precaution to ensure your experience is as safe as possible.


Meditrranean Beauty provides threading treatments,Threading is a form of hair removal that is primarily used on the face.